I’ve worked with Michael on several recent projects. During the design process rounds of feedback with Michael are quick because his initial designs are always close to the brief so feedback is rarely needed. When changes are needed I’ve found Michael will always be open to changes to designs, and adds amends to projects quickly and efficiently.

The campaigns he has designed for us have all been successful campaigns, whenever I see Michael assigned to any of our projects I know the outcome will be high quality and exactly what we want.

Just wanted to mention how impressed I am with how quickly you’ve picked up emails. Your designs look great and I see you keep pushing yourself to come up with creative ideas. I remember last year when you joined us and we sat down for training you mentioned you’ve never looked HTML code and the creation of emails and now you’ve aced it. You are assigned to emails on weekly basis and are now confident in completing these tasks. It’s a great asset to have you on board.

Keep it up!

I really enjoy working with you, especially because of your delightful attitude and more importantly your terrible taste in music. There has been bad days turned to good purely down to how you were able to maintain a friendly atmosphere and lift morale in the team.

Michael is a kind, hardworking and talented designer. Whenever I’ve briefed anything in he’s always been quick to turn jobs around, challenged me where the brief has been inadequate and suggested new ideas. He’s delivered new and different types of assets including: images, gifs and videos for which have worked really well on our social channels

I really enjoy working with Michael.